Along bunkers and forts – 60 km

This stunning bike route passes Beverwijk, IJmuiden, Wijk aan Zee and Heemskerk and takes in various bunkers and forts along the way.

Langs bunkers en forten (Along bunkers and forts) – 60 km
The long distance makes the route particularly suitable for electric bikes; however, it is also possible to only take a section of the longer tour.

De IJmond 
De IJmond bears many traces of the buildings of its past. The Romans built their forts here, and the remains of the Defence Line are historically significant, too. The IJmond cycling route offers a closer look at that history. Some of the forts and bunkers on the route are even open to the public.

Free of charge 
The route is available for free at community centres, libraries, VVV offices and the Tourist Information Point.

Practical Information

Distance 60
Route typing Recreation
Route characteristics Theme route