Campsite BaseCamp

FabCityNature has transformed this beautiful beach location, next to Pavilion Nova Zembla into a Campsite together with experts of Tiny Houses. The campsite officially opened in September. This makes the campsite brand new and it facilitates tiny houses with design interiors, less than 300 meters from the beach!

The tiny houses have the technology and comfort of today and the future. Houses with their own character, based on a modular system with the use of warm woods. The combination of very good insulated, vapor-proof panels in combination with advanced climate control ensure a pleasant climate with minimal energy consumption.

The campsite itself is an experimental playground for these new living accommodations. Sustainability is the keyword for all experiments taking place at this unique location. EcoCabins, the company exploiting this area is looking into different off-grid business cases to store energy. One experiment will include energy storage in green hydrogen. This is only one of the experiments taking place on the campsite the coming 5 years.

An amount of 20 different types of “tiny houses” will be placed at Campsite BaseCamp this year. Each with a different sustainable story. The suppliers include EcoCabins, Millhomes, 24tiny and Marcontainer.
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