Graan voor Visch

Flavour and freshness is always a top priority at Graan voor Visch, a popular restaurant serving lunches and dinners. Situated in a historic farmhouse (with a traditional pyramid roof) alongside the Spaarnwoude Golf Club, its four rooms pack in a great deal of character and offer diners a memorable experience. Each room has a distinct atmosphere, meaning there are great opportunities for meetings, larger groups or even outdoor parties. The restaurant’s name owes itself to the history of the location – the land was formerly underwater and after draining it came to be used as a grain farm.

Practical Information

Star classification 3
Facilities (Accommodation)
Terrace Yes
Disabled facilities
Adapted for the disabled Yes
Own car park Yes
Bicycle shed Open
Koninklijke Horeca Nederland approved Yes
Eating establishment
Type of eating establishment brasserie
Nationality of cuisine French
Speciality cuisine varied
Character/furnishing of accommodation very comfortable