Nature study route

Pieter Vermeulen Museum has plotted a nature study route in the beautiful Schoonenberg park.

Study packs can be rented from the reception desk of Pieter Vermeulen Museum, enabling children to be introduced to nature in the area surrounding the museum through play, under the guidance of parents, grandparents or teachers.

The study packs include bird-spotting maps, binoculars, magnifying jars and other materials that can be used to complete the assignments in the booklet, with questions on trees, birds and bushes around the pond.

The tour lasts around an hour and the assignments are suitable for primary school pupils aged 6 and up. The tour could also be done with pre-school children, although it is recommended to make a selection of a few assignments, as some of the questions may be too difficult for them and because the tour is a little long for small children.

Practical Information

Day From Till
Sunday 13:00 17:00
Wednesday 13:00 17:00
Friday 13:00 17:00