In and around IJmuiden there is a lot to do by bike. You ride through forests and dunes. Or along country estates and castles. If you want to discover the area by bike, there are several possibilities. You can of course use your own bike. You can rent a bike. Or you can take a shared bike.

Bike rental

At these addresses you can rent a bike. You can pick it up for they will bring it to you. This depends per rental company.

The Bike Guru
Dutch Pedelec Tours

Uw Deelfiets

Enjoy IJmuiden! Rent a bike at Uw Deelfiets. Uw Deelfiets is easy, cheap and innovative.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The shared bicycles are located at several locations such as the stations and the harbour. We want to make it easy for you. Book your bike for an hour up till many days. Book 1 to 4 bikes for yourself and your friends. You have no queues and no closing times. You do not have to leave an ID card. We are using the latest technology, you can quickly enjoy our bikes from Uw Deelfiets via the map below.

Uw Deelfiets is not only easy but also cheap. You pay per hour! Click on the location below where you want to rent the bike(s), pay a deposit, which will be settled within a few days after the rental period.

For more information visit If you can't wait, book, open and enjoy the bikes by clicking on a location in the map below.