IJmuiden dates back to 1876 when the North Sea Canal was first opened. The IJ and the Wijkermeer were drained and impoldered for this project. Many of the canal workers remained here and became IJmuiden’s first residents. The new settlement was christened IJmuiden (mouth of the IJ) by King Willem III. The town developed rapidly thanks to the fishing and shipping industries.

IJmuiden grew to become the most important port for the fishing trade in the Netherlands, a position which it still holds today. The piers there continue to play a major role in both the fishing industry and tourism. Located south of the Zuidpier, the IJmuiderstand (IJmuider beach) is actually a fairly recent development. A number of years ago the beach area was completely redesigned to attract more tourists and locals to IJmuiden aan Zee. The beach was moved closer to the sea, a recreational marina was built, and both a promenade and artificial lake were added. This expansion was possible because more and more land continues to build up near the Zuidpier due to natural causes.

You can already have a look at IJmuiden aan Zee and control the camera yourself!